Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Catch Up...

I need to play catch up. I know is almost the end of January but time has really gotten away from me! Christmas was great a little bittersweet as this was our last Christmas as a family. Bob and I celebrated Christmas in North Carolina with the Smithermans, McIntyres, and Lewis'. We are so blessed to have a wonderful community group from church that has become like family to us. The day after Christmas we had tons of snow as you may remember from my last post.  January has flown by I absolutely forgot to make New Years resolutions but to be honest I am not sure what to expect this year. I can not believe in just a few short months we will be parents and not just parents to one baby but two an instant family of four. That is mind blowing!  There is not to much to catch you up on simply because our lives are pretty quiet right now. Bob started back seminary last week. He is taking a full load and hoping the babies come during spring break, we will see. I have had to reduce my hours significantly at work because of the babies, but as long as I am not on bed rest right now I am a happy camper we are just having to learn to be very frugal with our money. Our biggest obstacle lately has been that our lease is up right when the babies our due so we having been trying to deal with our living arrangements. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment now and are really tired of apartment living thanks to our loud, obnoxious neighbors. We have been looking for place to move for a few months now. We decided that even thought the housing market is ideal for buyers right now we are not going to try to buy a house because we are not sure how long we will be in North Carolina. Bob has about 2 more years on his MDIV but is not sure where he is going to get his PhD degree from. We began looking at houses to rent but did not really want to raise our expenses with the cost of two babies we are adding to the budget this year. This has proven to be a challenge since things are way overpriced up here. Last week we actually found a house that we liked that is closer to the seminary and our church family and only about a 10 minute increase in my work commute. We are going to look at it today. It is actually a brand new house that the owner bought just for rental purposes so far it seems like an answer to prayer so hopefully it will all work out. I will keep you posted. I think you are all caught up on our life now. I told you there was not to much going on!


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