Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas. We stayed in North Carolina this year and my family came up to spend Christmas with us. James and Jackson were so much fun this year no matter what they opened they said "Oh thank you just what I wanted" with just a much excitement as if everything was a toy. 5 days with my family was really short but we are so thankful they made the journey to be with us this holiday season. Santa was very good to the boys. James got his Thomas Christmas and Jackson got his Veggietales Christmas. We started the day off skyping Nana and face timing with Bob's family while we opened presents. Then Dad and I made Christmas lunch. The afternoon consisted of Kaitlyn and I putting together the boys new toddler beds while Dad and the boys played with their new "Polar Express" remote control train set (The boys were obsessed with The Polar Express this Christmas season). We really did have a great relaxed Christmas. It was fun to play host for the first time for family Christmas too mixing old and new traditions. I am so thankful it was possible for us all to be together though we missed Bobs family this year.
 Oh Christmas Tree
 My precious boys and their manger outfits
 Love my sister
Watching The Santa Claus

 Making Santa's Cookies
 Decorated with M&Ms of course
 MiMi reading the Night before Christmas, Daddy read the birth of Christ from Luke 2
 Jacksons very Veggie Christmas (He is Larry Boy)
 Kait and I building beds

Santa came

 Playing with what they call their Polar Express
 James trying out his new Thomas Trike
 Baking birthday cupcakes for Jesus with Aunt Kait
 The Aftermath
The boys new beds with Thomas bedding.

We hope you had a Merry Christmas too!


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