Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa

Today was Bob's Dad's (Grandpa's) 70th Birthday! We had a really great day! The boys slept well last night they were wiped out from such a big day traveling. They ate breakfast and Bob's mom made us some breakfast. Then they spent the morning playing and took a nap in the pack and play. Bob's parents have a cat and she can not figure out what we have brought into her house. So she was laying around the pack in play watching them trying to figure them out, it was funny. 

 Grandma Gooch came over and met the boys today.

They were so cute just laying there and cooing at her. We went to lunch for Grandpa's birthday at Pearly's with Grandpa, Grandma, Great Grandma Gooch and Nana. Then Erica dropped by and met the boys for the first time. 

We headed back to Grandpa and Grandma's house for the boys to take a nap but Bob's keys would not unlock the door. Thankfully it was during a rainstorm and it was cool, so we sat on the rockers and waited for Grandma to get home. They napped in their carriers during the rainstorm.
 Tonight we went to Dothan, Alabama to see Bob's sister, Aunt Rachel. The boys were entertained during the ride by Uncle Ben. 
James was just a talking to Uncle Ben it was so cute. When we got to Alabama we went and picked up Rachel. She is working with Winshape kids camp this summer. Then we all went to dinner for Grandpa's birthday at Longhorn Steakhouse in Dothan. It was a fun night the boys enjoyed being with everyone. They were intrigued by their talkative Aunt Rachel, who was still in her war paint from camp, and Uncle Ben.

 It was a wonderful dinner. On the way home the boys fell asleep thankfully they slept the whole way. Uncle Ben was thinking ahead and grabbed their sound hippo to put in the car. In fact Uncle Ben is wonderful with the boys. Tonight he even helped put them to bed with Bob.

 Then he brought them some stuffed animals to sleep with, it was so sweet. These boys are so blessed to have such wonderful Aunts and Uncles.  

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