Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Snow Days...

As you may recall from my previous post we were excepting snow up here. Well, we defiantly got snow and it is beautiful. A winter storm came through and dropped about 5-6 inches of snow. It started falling on Friday while I was at work and when I left at 11pm I was so glad I had purchased an ice/snow brush, because my car was covered. About an inch had fallen and I had to drive in it for the 1st time but made it home safely. Overnight the heaviest of the snowfall hit and I had to go to work Saturday. I was sad to leave the beauty of the winter wonderland the snow created, and worried about the drive but I made it safe and sound. I even got to leave work early since it was a slower day in ER. I got home to a warm fire and just in time for some snuggle time and Miss America. Izzy LOVES the snow she runs, jumps, slips and slides. She likes to stick her nose in it and eat it. When she come in she wants to eat it off our shoes. Bob got a snow day yesterday from work and is out of school tomorrow, I was off today which was nice I got to play in the snow a bit. Below are some photos from our snow days:

Friday night when I got home, Izzy's first time in the snow
She loves the snow
Saturday morning when we got up
No more sidewalk
Our apartment
Telling Izzy bye as I am headed off to work
The road was covered
The Hospital, happy I made it safe!
Some us at work during the snow day
Our backyard today
Running and sliding in the snow
Yay for snow ball fights and watching Izzy chase them and eat it when it breaks up
Trying to eat the snow off Bob's gloves
The only picture of us and the snow(not my favorite but what a fun day)
We may get more snow this week we will see. I am back to work tomorrow and Bob and Izzy get another snow day. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Miss America 2010...

Did you watch this year? This is the female version of the super bowl! I truly love the Miss America Organization(MAO). I am so thankful for the life skills I learned, wonderful people I met, and confidence I gained by participating on the local and state level in the MAO as a teen. As the time drew closer to this years pageant my excitement built up. I actually was not going to be able to watch the pageant. I was at work today but because of the weather we did not have very many patients so I was able to go home early (more on the weather in tomorrow's post). I really enjoyed the pageant this year. I was most excited for the talent portion of the pageant, which was my favorite area of competition. The past few years sadly I felt that this area has been lacking at the national level. However, I was so excited to see so many TALENTED ladies this year, finally! My top picks were actually pretty close to the judges, they were Miss California as the winner with Miss Virginia and Miss Louisiana as runners up. If you did not get to see it catch a re-run on TLC, I am sure they will re-air it.

Miss America Pageant 2010 Winners:

Fourth runner-up is Miss Kentucky Mallory Ervin.

Third runner-up is Miss Louisiana Katherine Putnam.

Second runner-up is Miss Tennessee Stephanie Wittler.

First-runner up is Miss California Kristy Cavinder.


Miss America 2010 is Miss Virginia Caressa Cameron.

Congrats Caressa, you are classy, stunning, and talented. You will be a fabulous Miss America!

What did you think?

How did you feel about the results?

Who were your favorite girls?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wintery Mix..

So there is possible snow and wintery mix this weekend, which I do not mind. An ideal winter day would be spent inside by a fire with my hubby and a great book. However, I am working this weekend and I am not a fan of driving in this mess they say is coming! Hopefully, when I am on the road the conditions will not be to bad! Hope everyone has a had a good week.
Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 25, 2010

It is The Bachelor Monday

Are you watching this season of The Bachelor? I swore after Jason dumped Melissa for Molly I was done but I just couldn't resist. All thanks goes to my sweet friend Erica who started this sad addiction. The past few weeks I have been at work when it was on and so only caught glimpses of it during my dinner break. So after a few weeks of watching on Hulu I was very happy to watch it at home while it was actually on and not later with all the spoilers floating around. I really like Jake, he is really sweet, but he is dropping them like flies. That makes the hubby happy he says at this rate he won't have to suffer through this much longer, but he is still sweet enough to watch it with me. I respect that Jake is looking for his wife and does not won't to lead any one on so he sends the girls he feels that he does not feel a connection with home. BUT keeping Vienna, really, why! I really don't like her! I was also sad to see Ella go this week, I liked her. Right now I am a fan of Tenley but Corrie is also sweet and cute. I also like Alli when she is not caught up in talking all about Vienna all the time. Are you watching? If so what are your thoughts on the girls and Jake?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sewing Machine Dilemma....

I need your help I am overwhelmed in my search for a sewing machine. I really want a sewing/embroidery machine but it is hard to find on a budget! I need to keep it less than $500, according to the hubby a lot less. I am drawn to the Brother brand but really and truly I am at a complete loss! I am open to any advice!
Please HELP me!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nap Time...

Izzy is adorable she does the cutest things. When she is tired she always tries to find the nearest blanket to cuddle up and sleep. Well the other night when we were cooking dinner Izzy decided she would take a nap but her blanket was not on the floor so she improvised. She pulled part of the blanket out of the blanket basket and took her nap.
This is what we saw:

She is the cutest. The past two days were crazy at work! Happily, I was off today but go back to work tomorrow. I am excited that I have 5 days off in a row starting Friday which means more time with Mr. Wonderful and Izzy!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ode to Laundry...

Ugh does is it just me or does anyone else dread laundry day! Oh laundry; I wash it and wear it, then pile it up not in one basket but two or three (which always overflows) then I wash it for what seems like forever in endless loads and WHY!!! So I can start the horrible cycle all over again!?!? And the worst part is the socks, where do they disappear to? Socks are Izzy's favorite thing to find around the house so Bob suggested I place her in the dryer to find all the lost ones (I don't think that would be very nice)! Oh Laundry, please just go away!

I love this poem I found it online and knew it was perfect for this post:

Ode to Laundry

Oh you pile of filth
I see you mocking me
Taunting me as you grow
Didn’t I just wash you?

Your collection of grime and slime
It’s repulsive to my nose
You boast of freshness
Only to waft odorous tendrils after a day of wear

I must brave the stench
Touching each aromatic article
Unfolding arms and legs
Removing loose prizes I claim for my own

I stuff you in the washer
Pour that perfumed liquid over your rumpled mess
Praying that the ketchup will be coaxed out
Along with the sticky goo-
Oh dear, is that a melted gummy bear?


Oh, you chore that haunts me
Beckons to me
Shouts your displeasure of being ignored
You long to be worn again
Ready for a new day,
A new adventure, a new stain

I will conquer this beast
Perform this menial duty
Wash and dry you
Obligingly fold you
Put you in your various places and
Pretend this chore is over

I guess I should go do my laundry now.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Pioneer Woman Weekend

So this weekend has been so relaxing it was nice to be off work and have my husband off work and at home for most of it too, which is RARE!! I love us time!!!

Isn't he handsome!
This weekend I started my cooking through Pioneer Woman's (PW'S) cookbook in a year challenge. Yesterday I headed to Harris Teeter in search for the ingredients for the the past two night meals. Last night, before dinner we made PW's pico de gallo with chips. Then we had Bob's special steak,which was divine, with PW's potato skins, garlic bread and homemade brownies. Tonight we had PW's chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and carrots! If you do not have PW's cookbook it is a must have!!! I am so excited about cooking through it this year, it is not to late to jump on the bandwagon y'all!! Look for recipes and my experiences on my cooking blog (you can already find posts about pico de gallo, and potato skins). Well y'all as much as I love to cook and blog I am going to go get back to snuggling on the couch with my hubby! I hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend so far.

You CAN Help Hati...

The events in Hati break my heart. Thousands of people are suffering, in a country that already suffers so much. Most of us do not know anyone in Hati but I think all of us have felt the loss. Though we want to most of us can’t go to Hati, however we can pray and we can give.

Please visit the Compassion International's Website and donate to the Hati Earthquake Relief, the smallest amount can help.

My heart is broken for the orphans, and the homeless, I beseech you to pray for the people of Hati for they are in desperate need of our prayers and help.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Relaxing Wednesday!

Today has been a fantastic day. My hubby and I both happened to be off work today which was wonderful, it was so nice to spend the day with him! My sweet hubby let me sleep in late (since I didn't get home from work till 3:45 am). He got up early to play with Izzy and take her to the groomer. Then tonight he took me to dinner at Olive Garden! He is fabulous! Izzy got a puppy trim today and came home with the cutest bows in her hair I am so surprised they are still in her hair! The Lord has been so good to us and we are very blessed. I love relaxing days like today! Hope you had a fabulous Wednesday! Here a few pictures of sweet Izzy!

A new toy for being a great girl at the groomer
She is such a sweetheart
Look at those cute bows
My sweetheart, I love my sweet Izzy!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pulling a Julie and Julia...

Hey Y'all! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself as I write this post. Have you heard of Pioneer Woman? I discovered her blog a few months ago through Bakerella and have been following her ever since! Former city girl Ree Drummond, aka Pioneer Woman, blogs all about her life on the ranch with her family, showcases her beautiful photography, and amazing recipes. What, you have not heard of her. Well then please take a moment to check her out here. Pioneer Woman recently published a cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks. It is full amazing step by step recipes, tales from the ranch, and gorgeous pictures(which she took). I bought that cookbook today and I am so excited about what I am about to share with you. I am going to be cooking through The Pioneer Woman's cookbook in 2010! I am so excited kinda like Julie and Julia! There are about 65 or so recipes and I will be trying to post every other week on my cooking blog about this exciting journey and recipes I tried! Do you want to join me and other bloggers? Then simply pick up a copy of her cookbook and head over to this blog to get your fun little tag ( as seen below) for your blog and info on how to get involved with other bloggers who have joined in this quest. Don't have blog, then now is a great time to start one, it is not hard! Come on Y'all this will be fun!
Hope to have you join me in cooking through The Pioneer Woman's cookbook in 2010!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Meet Izzy...

I decided it was time for you met the newest member of our family.As you may remember about a month ago my 15 year old poodle Precious passed away. It was so hard it was the 1st time I really had a to deal with the loss of a pet. My wonderful husband then totally blew me away by saying we could get a puppy and so the search began. I began looking at all the shelters and adoption agencies in the area and could not find the perfect dog for us. So on a Sunday night I began looking in the paper and saw the ad for the perfect puppy. I tried not to get to excited but as soon as my hubby said yes I called and found there was one puppy left and I knew she was ours. I drove an hour and half away to pick her up and she was a doll absolutely perfect. She was very shy the first day trying to figure it all out and then she came out of her shell and there has been no stopping her since. So meet our puppy she is a sweet 12 week old toy poodle named Isabella Precious Adams or Izzy for short. Izzy is a bundle of energy and personality. She is so fun to watch and play with and a great snuggle bug. Izzy has brought so much joy to our lives and we are so happy to have another member of our little family!
So without further ado here is our sweet Izzy:


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