Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ode to Laundry...

Ugh does is it just me or does anyone else dread laundry day! Oh laundry; I wash it and wear it, then pile it up not in one basket but two or three (which always overflows) then I wash it for what seems like forever in endless loads and WHY!!! So I can start the horrible cycle all over again!?!? And the worst part is the socks, where do they disappear to? Socks are Izzy's favorite thing to find around the house so Bob suggested I place her in the dryer to find all the lost ones (I don't think that would be very nice)! Oh Laundry, please just go away!

I love this poem I found it online and knew it was perfect for this post:

Ode to Laundry

Oh you pile of filth
I see you mocking me
Taunting me as you grow
Didn’t I just wash you?

Your collection of grime and slime
It’s repulsive to my nose
You boast of freshness
Only to waft odorous tendrils after a day of wear

I must brave the stench
Touching each aromatic article
Unfolding arms and legs
Removing loose prizes I claim for my own

I stuff you in the washer
Pour that perfumed liquid over your rumpled mess
Praying that the ketchup will be coaxed out
Along with the sticky goo-
Oh dear, is that a melted gummy bear?


Oh, you chore that haunts me
Beckons to me
Shouts your displeasure of being ignored
You long to be worn again
Ready for a new day,
A new adventure, a new stain

I will conquer this beast
Perform this menial duty
Wash and dry you
Obligingly fold you
Put you in your various places and
Pretend this chore is over

I guess I should go do my laundry now.

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  1. O I feel ya! "The Pile" is on my list of things to do tomorrow. You would think I would remedy "the pile" by folding each load as it comes out of the dryer, but nooooo...I HATE folding clothes.



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