Saturday, January 9, 2010

Meet Izzy...

I decided it was time for you met the newest member of our family.As you may remember about a month ago my 15 year old poodle Precious passed away. It was so hard it was the 1st time I really had a to deal with the loss of a pet. My wonderful husband then totally blew me away by saying we could get a puppy and so the search began. I began looking at all the shelters and adoption agencies in the area and could not find the perfect dog for us. So on a Sunday night I began looking in the paper and saw the ad for the perfect puppy. I tried not to get to excited but as soon as my hubby said yes I called and found there was one puppy left and I knew she was ours. I drove an hour and half away to pick her up and she was a doll absolutely perfect. She was very shy the first day trying to figure it all out and then she came out of her shell and there has been no stopping her since. So meet our puppy she is a sweet 12 week old toy poodle named Isabella Precious Adams or Izzy for short. Izzy is a bundle of energy and personality. She is so fun to watch and play with and a great snuggle bug. Izzy has brought so much joy to our lives and we are so happy to have another member of our little family!
So without further ado here is our sweet Izzy:

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