Monday, August 23, 2010

Miss Us?

Hey Y'all! Did you miss us? I know you missed Izzy's sweet face, right? We took a blogging vacation this summer but we are back. Things have been busy around here and we had a wonderful summer. I went on a ladies retreat, we celebrated our anniversary, and  I headed south for a beach vacation just to name a few things that went on. This summer was also filled with a lot of work. Summer is coming to a close this week as Bob resumes classes at Southeastern Seminary. He has another full load so please pray for him as he begins this semester. I really wish it would cool off here it has been hot! Has it been hot where you are? I am so excited about the things going on in our life right now. We are trying to settle in to the back to school routine which is always a little crazy and I happy to be blogging again. I really missed the blogging world the past few months. On this happy update there is also a sadness. A family very close to us is dealing with tragedy. Last month they delt with the death of one set of parents and a month to the day they are dealing with another. Our hearts are broken for them and we ask that you please lift up the Miller family. We know God is the great comforter and although we do not understand He is still on the throne and by our side.

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