Sunday, March 11, 2012

Almost One...

I can not believe in just a few short weeks my babies will turn one! That is crazy! Where has this year gone? We are gearing up for a Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Party. I am so in love with all the ideas I have gotten from Pinterest (that site is addicting). I have been such a horrible blogger this past year. I wish I had written more about the boys at their different stages but I am thankful I kept notes for their baby book because it has been a whirlwind. Right now the both boys are walking, and saying a few words like dada, mama, daw-daw (dog)and bye-bye. They finally caught on to the sign for "more" when we are eating we are still working on "all done" but these boys love to eat! The are feeding themselves and get a little offended when you try to give them baby food. The eat everything and love new things. Today they had gyro meat and hummus and loved it! They are such sweethearts but snuggle time is rare as they are always on the go. The love to play but their favorite thing is to read. They pick up a book and open it and turn the pages babbling like they are reading aloud it is precious! Our favorite books are Guess How Much I Love You, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I am so beyond blessed to be mama to the these two amazing boys!! 
 Reading books
Family Picture after church 
 James Sidney
 Jackson Esker
 Swinging at the park
Party planning!
I can't believe they are going to be ONE!


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