Monday, January 25, 2010

It is The Bachelor Monday

Are you watching this season of The Bachelor? I swore after Jason dumped Melissa for Molly I was done but I just couldn't resist. All thanks goes to my sweet friend Erica who started this sad addiction. The past few weeks I have been at work when it was on and so only caught glimpses of it during my dinner break. So after a few weeks of watching on Hulu I was very happy to watch it at home while it was actually on and not later with all the spoilers floating around. I really like Jake, he is really sweet, but he is dropping them like flies. That makes the hubby happy he says at this rate he won't have to suffer through this much longer, but he is still sweet enough to watch it with me. I respect that Jake is looking for his wife and does not won't to lead any one on so he sends the girls he feels that he does not feel a connection with home. BUT keeping Vienna, really, why! I really don't like her! I was also sad to see Ella go this week, I liked her. Right now I am a fan of Tenley but Corrie is also sweet and cute. I also like Alli when she is not caught up in talking all about Vienna all the time. Are you watching? If so what are your thoughts on the girls and Jake?


  1. I agree with you 100%! I think if I had to choose, Tenley would be my fav.



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