Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flying on a Jet Plane

We are now a jet-setting family of four! Having kids drastically changes everything especially how you travel. We debated for months on how we would take our first trip to GA to introduce the boys to their family they hadn't met . Do we fly or do we drive?? Each had their pros and cons but in the end flying won out. I am so glad we chose to fly because the boys did awesome! I seriously thought we would be "that" family with the screaming kids you are stuck beside on a flight but no my boys were awesome! The slept, played, looked around at all the people and just were such happy babies. I was so relieved and it was so nice to hear all the compliments on what good babies they were. I am sure 12 hours in a car divided most likely over 2 days would not have been as pleasant as this. We did have a delay in Atlanta but they took everything in stride. We decided to  fly infant in arms which worked out well plus gave us lots of cuddle time.
(Jackson asleep in the Atlanta Airport)
 We are so thankful to the Messersmith's who let us borrow their carriers so we could maneuver around the airport easily. The worst part was TSA, just because you had to unpack everything and it seemed so scattered trying to pack everything back to where you can get to it when you need it. Overall I was very surprised by the smoothness of our trip. When we got to town Grandma, Grandpa, MiMi, Pop-Pop, Aunt Kait Kait and Uncle Ben were there to meet us at the airport! After a quick change and picking up luggage we set off for my Great Aunt Sara's house . My Great Grandmother, Granny Bowen,  is 99 years old and was placed on hospice 9 weeks ago our prayer has been for her to meet the boys and today she did! 

In fact we had a five generations in the room it was such a blessing! 
She has been waiting to meet these boys since we told her we were expecting last October. I was so happy to see them in her arms she held them and kissed on them, we video taped it and took pictures. I told her about how Jackson was named after he husband Ollie Jackson and she said she was so proud it was a beautiful moment for our family tonight one I will never forget! The boys were able to not only meet Granny but Aunt Sara, Aunt Linda, Jamey, Uncle Chris and Aunt Sarah, and Uncle Ben.  
Jax and Grandpa 
 Uncle Chris holding James with Aunt Sarah- it was the first time he has ever held a baby
Jamey and Jax
We all ate dinner at Blackbeards tonight for dinner, which is actually were we told everyone we were expecting twins at. It was such a joyous night I am so happy to be home and my heart is so full! 

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  1. blackbeards!!! mmmm!!! i loveeee that place. so glad to read about your trip. enjoy georgia!! :)



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