Friday, July 15, 2011

Family Vacation to GA Day 3

Today was another great day. We went to lunch with my best friend Erica, her husband Bryan, and their adorable son Aiden!
 Isn't he precious! I can not believe how big he is! He was so sweet with the boys.

  It was so nice to catch up and just spend time together. After lunch Bob, the boys and I made a quick Target run to pickup some formula and gas drops for the boys. We ended up running into some friends we haven't seen in awhile too, the beauty of a small town! Of course when we left Target it began pouring rain! Just so you know carrying a baby carrier and umbrella isn't that easy. We went to my Great Aunt Sara's house to see her, Granny, Aunt Linda, and Nana.  Granny Bowen was having a really bad day. She had not been responsive that much and wouldn't hardly wake up. During the course of our visit of course the boys became fussy. We were trying to calm them and Granny's nurse came out of her room said Granny asked us to bring the babies to her. This was a shock! So we took the boys in there and they got really quite and smiled and cooed at Granny. She was awake and talking to them and loving on them it was precious!
 I will never forget these moments and I praise God she is able to see and enjoy them. Jamey came by to see the boys.

 He is so wonderful with them. They think he is so funny they both smiled and talked with him. We enjoyed a great afternoon visiting with everybody. Tonight though Bob and I did
something we haven't done in AGES! We went on a date, without the babies.
We went to the mall and browsed. Later we went to see the new Harry Potter movie (it was really good by the way).
 Bob and I haven't gone to the movies in 2 years it was so fun. We had such a great time together laughing together and forgetting all our worries for a few hours! The boys were in great hands and had a great time being babysat by Aunt Sarah, Uncle Ben, Uncle Chris, Grandma and Grandpa. We came home and they were fed, bathed, and in bed sound asleep. Bob and I really enjoyed our time together alone but we sure missed our boys. Tomorrow is another exciting day, we are going to a birthday party for Bob's dad. Then tomorrow afternoon the boys get to meet Grandaddy and we are switching houses to stay with my parents till Tuesday.

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