Friday, June 26, 2009

Mission Accomplished.....

Today was my first day out of the house without having doctor's visit planned. Bob made fun of me because I was just so excited to go on a car ride. I was so happy to see something other than my lovely apartment's walls. I was also very excited because my hubby was off work today so it was nice to sleep in and relax with him this morning. We went out on a mission today. The mission was the hunt for the perfect recliner. Thankfully the first store we went to had the perfect brown leather recliner, although I must say it was alot of fun testing out the other recliners! After this we went to Lifeway to get my new bible study book. I am doing a study with Beth Moore this summer through her Living Proof Ministries blog. It is so exciting, I will be joining over 1000 women online from all over the country studying God's word as we learn to see ourselves as God sees us. The book is called "Me, Myself and Lies" by Jennifer Rothschild. I am really excited to get started! I am so happy to report that there was no pain or increase in swelling from the outing today! God is so good. So, I call that a very successful mission. My husband is accomplishing the mission and lovely task of cleaning up our apartment since we are having company over for dinner tomorrow night. He is so sweet and amazing! I am truly blessed! Speaking of blessed, my grandmother, who I affectionately call Nan or Nana, is currently recovering from eye surgery that she had yesterday. The surgery was to fix a cavernous fistula in the blood vessels of her eye. After a very long and tedious process the surgery was deemed a success. She is still in the hospital but doing well. So just another thing to praise the Lord for. He has been so faithful! Well this day full of accomplished tasks has worn me out so goodnight!

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