Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sweet Reunion

Yesterday we had company over for the first time since we have moved into our apartment. It was so nice and I had anticipated this night all week. The honored guests were none other then our great friends, who are also newlyweds, Josh and Jessica. To prepare Friday night Bob cleaned the entire apartment, I really felt bad that I could not get up and help him but he did a great job. Josh and Jess arrived about 6:30 and Bob was still on his way home he had to run an errand after work. I truly enjoyed reuniting with such great friends that I call family.The boys then treated us girls to a night of no work in the kitchen, not that I could be much help. Jess brought over some homemade bread that was FANTASTIC! Now I definitely want to use a gift card to get a bread maker when I get well. Bob made a barb-a-Que glaze and baked chicken wings, as well as cooked green beans and baked potatoes. Josh made mac-n-cheese and dipping sauce for the bread. The meal was wonderful and so was the company. To top off a great evening we had cookies and creme pie...yummy! What a wonderful evening and I look forward to many more! Well update on me the pain still is not gone which stinks. I was prescribed a new pain medicine so hopefully it helps. The swelling has gone down some. So little by little I am improving. This has been very hard for me but the Lord is going to bring me through. I am again so lucky to have such a wonderful husband! He has been taking wonderful care of me and done things above and beyond what is needed. He has such a precious heart that God will use and I can not wait to see where or how. Nana is also doing ok she is at home recovering and hopeful will feel much better as the week progresses.

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