Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter....

I love EASTER! Today we celebrate the RISEN Lord! I am so thankful for the gift of salvation though I do not deserve it! I have been singing His praises all day! Especially the song Alive Forever by Travis Cottrell.
I love these lyrics:
Let the children sing a song of liberation
The God of our salvation set us free
Death, where is thy sting? The curse of sin is broken
The empty tomb stands open, come and see

He's alive, alive, alive. Hallelujah!
Alive! Praise and glory to the Lamb.
He's alive, alive, alive. Hallelujah!
Alive forever. Amen

Let my heart sing out, for Christ, the One and only
So powerful and holy rescued me
Death won't hurt me now because He has redeemed me
No grave will ever keep me from my King

I'm alive, alive, alive, hallelujah!
Alive! praise and glory to the Lamb.
He's alive, alive, alive. Hallelujah!
Alive forever. Amen

Worthy is the Lamb, worthy of our praise
Worthy is the One who has overcome the grave
Let the people dance, let the people sing
Worthy is the mighty King.

You are worthy. Amen!

I just can't stop smiling, His sacrifice gives hope to those who have no hope! Sin and Death have no victory, Hallalujah!! Today has been wonderful! We spent the morning worshiping at New Covenant Fellowship Church. Worship was followed by a wonderful lunch at our pastor's house with a few other families from church. It was a great time of fellowship. Tonight we are having friends over. It has been such a blessed Easter.
Here are few pictures from today:

Aren't we cute :-)

Me and Miss Izzy- Yes she has a Easter dress
We match Bob and Iz
Family Picture

Hope you had a Happy Easter! We did!

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