Thursday, April 22, 2010

Moving on Up...

Sorry for the lack of posts. We had a great vacation and got back in town late Sunday night after a day of traveling and visiting with friends in Canton. Monday we signed the lease on our new apartment. It is so much bigger than the tiny one bedroom we were in. We thankfully hired movers so Tuesday they came and moved us in 4 hours. Now I just have to unpack it all when I am not at work. I would love upload more pictures but I have packed my camera cord somewhere and I have not found it yet. I did get meet some of our neighbors tonight and they seemed very nice. Bob and I are both exhausted from moving and getting back to work this week. I am just ready to get settled in to our new home. I am so tired of seeing boxes everywhere I turn. We don't have our internet hooked up in our new apartment yet so I am not sure when I will get to post again. I will try to post soon with pictures, especially from our Georgia trip. Hope everyone has had a great week.

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  1. so. how do you have the fun font on your 'title' the date, the side bars and your name?? just wondering!!



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