Monday, October 10, 2011

October visit...

Hey guys it has been forever and the boys are growing like CRAZY! 
They are six months old can you believe it I can't so now we have internet at the house!!! YAY! We have been living out here since February without and having it is so exciting so I can blog again. The boys are changing so much so quickly so I am really challenging myself to blog! This past week was fall break from seminary for Bob and we were planning on going out of town but had to cancel and so  instead my family came to us. Nana, Mimi, and Pop-Pop drove up from Georgia and stayed Saturday till Wednesday. Pop-Pop and Mimi brought the boys the cutest walkers/jumpers that look like cars and the boys LOVE them! The boys also had a few firsts last week. They got new high chairs since, they started solids, and they are starting to sit up by themselves for a few seconds. Tonight they rode in the stroller without their car seats and loved looking around at everybody! Time is flying by it does not seem like we should have two 6 month olds! I love them to pieces and have been blessed to have been off work since the 1st (except for a few hours Saturday) and have had lots of time with them! I go back to work Wednesday and it has been a challenge working full time and leaving the boys but leaving them with their daddy instead of a daycare makes it a lot easier! Well I have to sign off now because I need to write a paper for my class Biblical Foundations of a Ministers wife that I am taking this semester at Seminary (I am loving it!) but of of course I will leave you with a few pictures before I go! 

Eating in their high chairs
With Pop-Pop
James and Mommy
James being SILLY
Jackson laughing at Pop-Pop
James loving on Izzy
Cool Dudes in their cars
Playing in their Bumbo chairs
With Mimi and Pop-Pop
With Nana
Jax and Pop-Pop
James not taking a nap today :-)
Jackson in his Wonderbug
James in the carrier while Mommy cleans the house
Jax in a big boy highchair at Griffins Friday morning
Traffic Jam in the living room 
Drive in movie: watching Baby Einstein Old McDonald's Farm

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