Friday, August 2, 2013

2 years and 4 months old....

I wish I could capture this time in our life. The boys are so much fun. They are into everything and discovering so much about the worlds around them. They are growing so fast.
Playing in the Sprinkler at Mimi and Pops

James on the playground

Jackson playing the piano

James playing Thomas- He LOVES Thomas!!

James and his "blankie"
 They are learning so much. Their language skills  amaze me the are constantly chatting. The boys know all the letters in the alphabet, can name numbers 1-10 and sometimes (not consistently) count to 10.  They are in the stage where they repeat and mimic everything. Sometimes it is definitely reminds us to watch what we say. My favorite thing right now is the boys love of singing. They have always loved music but now they sing along.

Jackson playing guitar and singing Jesus love me

 The boys love going to church to learn about Jesus and play with their friends. They also love to go to the "Gym". We recently joined the gym and they have a daycare  the boys go to while we work out and they love it! The love to play trains and with the other kids. The other day I asked James what he did at daycare he said "play house, play trains and go fish". I am not sure about the go fish part but I know the older kids play so who knows :). You never know what will come out of their little mouths. Oh how I wish that I could have a constant recording of our lives these times are so precious. I am often reminded of how blessed we are to be parents to two wonderful boys. 

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