Thursday, August 8, 2013

Annual July Trip to Georgia...

We just wrapped up our annual trip to Georgia to visit with our families. We started this tradition when the boys were just 4 months old. This year we jam packed 10 days with visits to friends and family. The trip down and back there was much longer than anticipated thank goodness for DVD players and LeapPads. Besides traveling in the car, the trip was fantastic. We spent the two weekends with my family. I was so great to spend time with everyone. James went fishing for the first time. It was too cute. Jackson was not interested in fishing at all. Monday we went to spend the week with Bob's family. The boys had a blast they went to Fun Park to play in the arcade, the mall (including a visit to the pet store), and went swimming. The boys loved every minute of playing with their aunts and uncles. Most of all the loved spending time with their Mimi, Pop, Gamma, Grandpa, Nana, Grandma Gooch and Granddaddy Lamb. We had such an amazing time with our families. I was also able to spend time quality with my sister Kaitlyn and best friend Erica. As you can tell from the photos below we had a wonderful time:

Playing in the sprinkler
The Sylvester Train
Mimi and Pop with their boys
My love and I
James going fishing

The boys and their Great-Grandma- Nana
Feeding the fish with Aunt Kait Kait

Jackson playing the piano
Hanging out with my best friend Erica


Playing with Aunt Ray Ray before bed

Jackson and Grandpa

Looking at scrapbooks with Aunt Say-ah (Sarah)

The family with Granddaddy

Reading Llama Llama with Gamma

Jackson being tickled by Uncle Ben

Jackson and I swimming

Pool Time with Aunt Sarah and Gamma

Mimi and Jackson

pool time with Aiden and Parker


James playing the ppool at Mimi and Pops

Grandma Gooch and Jackson
Gamma and Grandpa and their grandsons
 We really enjoyed our trip but the traveling is exhausting. I love when we are able to spend time with our families. It is so hard to live so far away from them but know that we are right where the Lord has us for this season.

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