Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Great Start To Today

Now normally I am not a big morning person, but I find it refreshing to get up early with my husband. Bob has class at 7:30 am 3 days a week, which means he has to leave the house around 6:20 am. My wonderful husband, is by no means a morning person. The alarm usually goes off about 5 times, and he is still dead to the world. I know you may ask why does he schedule class so early, and it is because of his work schedule. So my husband usually gets up around 5 am in the morning on Tuesday- Thursdays to finish off homework, and review for class. Most mornings I am still in bed and fall back a sleep but there are a few days that I get up with him. I love starting a day off having coffee and breakfast with my husband. It is funny because I left town for two weeks and suddenly my husband who never drank coffee drinks it everyday before class. It is a great start to our day together since he has such a crazy schedule we hardly see each other till 10 pm each night. I also love the mornings I am up after when Bob leaves. Why? I know I am surprised I do not go back to bed but I love to watch Fox and Friends. It is my favorite news show! If your up between 6am-9am check it out. Treasure the small moments with your family today! Also please join me in praying for the ReFRESH conference at Sherwood Baptist Church. This was my home church in Albany. God is truly moving. Pray for a time of renewal and revival for those who attend. Check out http://www.refreshconference.org/ for more information.

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