Tuesday, February 23, 2010

lazy day...

I had to work Sunday and Monday and the ER was BUSY. Let me be the first to tell you twelve hour shifts are LONG and can be very tiring especially when you are on your feet all day and seem like at times are running 90 to nothing. Yesterday it did not help that during the terribly busy Monday I had a headache throughout part of my shift. Then I got home and even though I was extremely tired I could not sleep well, which was miserable (don't you hate that). So needless to say today has been a very lazy day. I slept in while Bob wrote a paper before work. I have not felt well today. I am not sure if it is because I am still tired or what, who knows. Mostly Izzy and I have been hanging out on the couch watching the olympics, reading, and napping. I did get a chance to catch up with last night's Women Tell All Bachelor episode. (I am so thankful for HULU.com) Oh how I hope the rumors aren't true and that Jake chooses Tenley. I even think I would be ok if he pulled a Jason Mesnick and changed his mind afterwards. We will see next week.
my couch buddy... she is a great cuddler
Well I am back to work tomorrow, then tackling the NC DMV Licenses plate office Thursday.
As for tonight probably a little more reading and snuggling with Mr Wonderful when he gets home from work.


  1. Izzy is so darn cute all snuggled up on the couch. :)



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