Friday, July 10, 2009


"Lord,You are good and Your mercy endureth forever"
Today my sweet husband was off work. It was so much fun to spend time with him, especially since he has to work so much lately. I have been dying to get out of the apartment and since I have had some pretty good improvement in my ability to walk we went out for a bit. It was nice to get out and not over do it. We first went to Belk to return the last duplicates of our wedding gifts. Then Bob and I went to eat dinner at The Remington Grill. It was nice to eat out. The Remington Grill had great food, it was a western grill with yummy hamburgers and chicken fingers. After dinner we went to Target for just a bit and got chairs and a table for our back porch. By the way it pays to wait till July, Target's outside/patio furniture is 75% off!!! So if you need some check it out! We then went home and I propped up my leg. I am happy to report NO PAIN!! God is so good!! If you are wondering like my Nana, I kept my leg propped up in the car and while we were eating during our outing. I was overjoyed about the success of our little outing. After we got home Bob put together the 3-tier shelf on our screened in porch and arranged our new table and chairs. Now I am excited that we finally have furniture on our the porch. Also, our apartment smells wonderful since we made brownies, such a great way to end the day. Today was simply wonderful!!! God has been so good, I can't stop singing His praise!! I PRAISE GOD for such an amazing husband and improvement. Thank you again for the cards and prayers. We will go to the doctor the beginning of next week for more blood work. Please pray this test maintains within normal range and that the improvement continues! Be encouraged God is so good and faithful!!

This is a picture from when we got home tonight.

Quote at the beginning of the blog is from the song"You Are Good"

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