Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can I have a plane please???

Lately I have been trying to get out of a rut. I have fallen victim to loneliness. Now please do not get me wrong. My husband is wonderful and I love NC, it is a great place to live but I hardly know anyone here. The friends we do know live across the triangle at the seminary. Having not found a home church up here we really haven't met many people. It makes it even harder that I am not working and have been housebound for most of the summer. So that brings me to my question," can I have a plane please?" I am desperate for some girl time. I need to see my besties!! I knew it was going to be hard moving 15 hours from my friends and 10 hours from my family but it seems it is worse. However, I choose not to get down and the Lord has been such a comfort to me. He has been here with me through it all and He will not leave me now. I know He has great plans for us here and He even new friends for us to meet. So since I have a no money for a plane or plane ticket, I will once again put my trust in Him. I miss all my sweet friends but I am excited about those the Lord has for me that I have yet to meet. So girls, you know who you are, I am sending you my love!!! I miss you all so much, and I am praying for you guys! Oh and if any one has a plane I can borrow let me know :)

Some pictures of the girls:

Lindsey, Bob, me, Heather, and Beck

Erica, Me, Lindsey, Heth, and Beck

Cait and I

Mer, Linz, Cheree, Heth, and me

Linz, me, Mer, Ree, and Heth

Erica, me and Heth

Jackie, Ashley, Cait, me, Linz, Lys, Beck, Ree, and Heth


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