Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sweet Friends and Cheesecake Masterpiece

Today has been great!! Bob and I invited our sweet friends Josh, Jessica, Ashleigh, and Gene over for lunch today. So we decided what would be better than a cookout with hamburgers, hot dogs, fixin's, fries, and baked beans. Lunch was great. I only wish I had taken some pictures for the blog. They are the sweetest group of friends. I am so sad that they live across the triangle because that prevents us from seeing each other on a regular basis. Anyways since we were having our sweet friends over I had an itch to bake, in other words, the Kitchen Aid was calling. I really wanted to make these cute little cupcake/brownie burgers from Bakerella's Blog but since this was the night before my husband suggested I try it out before we have company in order to avoid another mishap (ex:cookie crumbles) So I debated and debated I could try cookies again but I really wanted wanted to try to make a cheesecake. So I unfortunately didn't have the Southern Living recipe so who do I turn to but of course Bakerella. I guess I am a bit addicted to her blog. So at about 1:15am, yes it was late, that I began pull out the stuff we would need and then the mix ingredients together.

I followed the recipe under my hubby's supervision, not that he knew anything about cheesecakes either, but he was sweet enough to read the recipe to me off the computer.

So we finished mixing and then baked it for 1 hour and 25 minutes. During which my husband stayed up with me and even did some laundry. He is simply wonderful!

The timer finally went off. The cheesecake came out beautifully, only a few minor cracks. Unfortunately I did not hear about baking it in a water bath to prevent cracks until after my beautiful cheesecake was cooking, oh well.

So after telling my husband no he can't try it tonight it need to go in the fridge we chilled it overnight and waited for the taste verdict. So after a yummy lunch with our sweet friends we cut the cheesecake! Guess what!! IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! Yes, success and my love for baking grows! I can not wait to try something else!

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