Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So I just had a whirlwind week away as you can tell from my previous post it was packed. I had a great time and saw lots of wonderful friends and family. New Moon was FABULOUS!! I even got a phone call yesterday for a job interview. Today I got back in town and had a job interview at 3 at Durham Regional Hospital part of Duke Health System in their Emergency department. I actually applied for a different job but this is a pilot program they are doing in the ER for new nurses. If I get the job it would start December 7th instead if February. The interview lasted 2 hours, I think it went well, but we will see. I am really excited to get things in order for Thanksgiving we are having lunch with sweet friends. I guess that is about all that is new with us. I have tons of pictures to edit from this past week and the house needs to be picked up, poor Mr. Wonderful has been swamped with work and a paper. If you are traveling this week have a safe trip and Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

(The picture above is of my sister and I from this past week)

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