Friday, May 7, 2010

Nursing School...

Did you know yesterday was National Nurses Day? It is hard to believe one year ago today I was pinned at the University of Mobile. I felt like I would never finish nursing school. There were many sleepless nights studying and doing clinical paperwork. I am so happy that stayed with it though many times I wanted to quit. More than once wondered why couldn't I have chosen an easier major and enjoyed my last 2 years at college not secluded in my room with a book. Looking back I am proud of what I have accomplished, it was worth the hard work. It was a long 2 years but it shaped my life in many ways. I miss the friends I made in nursing school and I hope they are all doing well. I am thankful for nursing school not just for the education I gained but the growth I had during it. Honestly if I had to do it again, looking back a year later, I would.

Being Pinned by Mrs. Partin
With my fabulous parents

My sweet husband and I, then he was my fiance'

My In-Laws
My study partner and sanity through it all, Caitlin

My crazy class

This was a great group and I wish them the best.

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