Monday, May 17, 2010

Pure and Holy Passion...

"Give me one pure and holy passion. Give me one magnificent obsession. Give me one glorious ambition for my life, to know and follow hard after You. To grow as Your disciple in the truth. This world is empty, pale, and poor compared to knowing You my Lord. Lead me on and I will run after You."
"One Pure and Holy Passion" Mark Altrogge
These were the words we sang this morning in worship. I was so humbled as I read the words on the page. Before I was able to sing along in worship I went over the words praying them as my heart's cry not just words sung in a service. What a glorious life that would be if I would allow Him to totally consume my life and "I" stop getting in the way. That my desires and passions were His not my sinful and selfish ones. So often we get side tracked and become content with our lives that we no longer  are passionately pursing Lord. Whether it is family, school, kids, or our jobs we get so caught up in our day to day we miss the bigger picture. I want to live a life of passionate pursuit of God and to know Him the way He desires me too. His gospel is of infinite value, a treasure above all others. Nothing here on earth can compare to knowing and pursing Him. He is my life, my all in all. It is my desire to have a pure and holy passion, a glorious ambition, to grow and know my Lord. It is my prayer that the Lord gives you this passion as well. He is so amazing. I am so thankful for His redeeming love. I hope you have had a blessed Sunday today. Please know that you are prayed over sweet blog reader. If I can ever pray for you specifically please do not hesitate to  let me know! 

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  1. Whitney, you are so precious! I love your heart for the Lord, your husband, and the people you come in contact with! Have a wonderful week!

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