Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, and Pumpkins....

Sorry ya'll for the delay, Bob was on fall break from seminary classes last week so he was home a lot more than usual. Therefore, instead of blogging I enjoyed quality time with my hubby. This post is all about pumpkins. One of the first things people associate with the season fall is pumpkins. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. I love simply pumpkins, the are great for decor and carving. I was able to carve my first one last year (picture to right) and can not wait to do one again this year. I am hoping in the next few days Bob and I can go pick out our pumpkins. While surfing online for pumpkin ideas I came across some cute sites. So I thought I would share and hopefully upload some pictures of my own soon!
Here are a few links to my favorite sites of ideas:
Hershey's: the offer great tips to carving and templates for free
Country Living Pumpkins: unique carving designs
Pumpkin Lady: this site has templates you can purchase & free ones there are some cute ideas!
Martha Stewart Pumpkins: this site has templates too!
Huggies: They have Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty Templates
As far as Pumpkin Decor:
How about this cutie from Martha Stewart! Pumpkin Creatures

How about this Cinderella pumpkin from Hallmark's Fantasy Pumpkins- I LOVE IT!
I love Her Southern Charm decor:
The Party Dress also has some adorable ideas:
I hope if you were looking for ideas this helps or inspired you to get creative. If you have any great links or pictures of your own online simply post the links in my comments section, I love feedback. If your not a follower of my blog please become one, I love to see who reads my ramblings (simply click follow the blog at the top where the blogger bar is or on the right side there is a followers box)!

Happy Fall Decorating and Carving!

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  1. What a fun post! I'm also looking forward to carving pumpkins sometime soon! I'll definitely have to check out a few of those websites for ideas.



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