Friday, December 11, 2009

All Praise to God Alone

We have been brought to tears and down on our knees frequently over the past six and a half months. Our faith has been tested along our young marriage. We could have never anticipated that just nine days after our wedding we would have faced the trails that we encountered. The diagnosis of a blood clot in my leg had me on bed rest for 3 months with much pain and little effectiveness of blood thinners. Following those three months it has been touch and go with the blood thinners effectiveness and a limited activity level. On top of this we had one variable income and I was unable to take my nursing licensing exam till the end of August. When I passed I found the job hunt was bleak. We have asked for prayers from friends and family, found ourselves at some of the lowest times in our lives the past 6 months. We tried with all our might to hold on to hope and trust in the Lord. Through it all the Lord sustained us, sent encouragers, and provided for our needs. We repeatedly had to renew our faith as the trails continued but He constantly showed Himself faithfully. Recently we have received some of most wonderful blessings. I had been searching for a job for 3 months received nothing but letters saying I had insufficient experience or no call/response at all. I was visiting my family and applied at Duke's Durham Regional for a job that was not set to start until next February or March for new graduate nurses. I applied on a Friday and didn't think about again. The following Monday I was having lunch with my in-laws, sister-in-law, and grandmother and received a phone call asking if I could come in for an interview the following day for an unpublished job in the Emergency Department at Durham Regional. I flew back into NC and went to interview that afternoon. Last Tuesday, I received a job offer and it was to start in 6 days! I was elated singing praise to the Lord for His provision. It was a very happy birthday present for my sweet husband and I thought what a wonderful Christmas present. PRAISE GOD! However, the blessings have not ended there. On Monday I went for my usually lab test at the doctor to evaluate the clot/medication and the results came back wonderful. My doctor that my treatment regimen was complete and the clot is gone so no more blood thinners for me!!! PRAISE GOD!! Once again we praised Him, He still amazes me and was not done yet. Today I came home and we had received a letter from the hospital I went to when I was sick in June. We have very substantial medical debt since I was not covered by insurance at the time, so I was dreading opening the letter. Bob and I had been praying these past few months for his provisions on the financial burden and today received wonderful news. I was once again amazed and overwhelmed by God's provisions. The letter stated the hospital reduced our debt to the point where we only owe 1/3 of the previous balance! PRAISE GOD! We have been blessed beyond measure in the past few months and significantly in the past few weeks and He has been with us through it all. If you are facing tough times just remember He hears our prayers and He is faithful! Trust in His timing it is ALWAYS perfect!!
Praising HIM in ALL things,

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