Friday, March 12, 2010

EKG Class...

I have been in class the past two days. What kind of class you ask. A class on identifying cardiac dysrhythmias for work. Have you have seen and EKG strip?
Here is one:
Try looking a 80 of them, counting the PR intervals and QRS on these tiny blocks inside the darker blocks. My eyes hurt. Then you try to decipher what the rhythm the strip is which at times can be complicated. I am done with the class part but I still have to take an exam (after I study of course). Anyways that is what I have been doing the past two days. Last night since I only had to work till 7 I was able to go to our community group (sadly due to work it is rare for me to be able to go)! I love our community group! It was a great night of food, fellowship, and bible study. We are so blessed to have found a church up here and made new friends. As for tonight I am looking forward to cooking dinner for Mr. Wonderful! Usually when I cook dinner we don't get to eat it together because of our work schedules. Tonight we are having Blue Cheese Stuffed Buffalo Chicken, from Cooking Light Magazine (I hope it is as good as the recipe looks). I love date nights at home!

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