Monday, March 1, 2010

A nice day for a walk....

Bob and I were both off work today and he is on spring break so we were able to enjoy the day together. It was nice. We slept in and Bob grilled some hot dogs for lunch. Mostly we lounged today but we did go for a walk. Izzy is getting really good walking on a leash with out dragging her feet or pulling on it. It was chilly but we had a fun time. Izzy can not figured out all the geese that live in our neighborhood.
Looking at me since I was walking behind them with the camera
What caught her attention? Well none other than the loud neighborhood geese.
The lake in the center of our complex.
Of course the geese followed us. We were on the deck and they thought we had food. Look at them coming in for a landing.
They are pretty, even though they are annoying sometimes.
She just cant figure them out
But She is so darn cute!
Well it has been a great day. And tonight Jake makes his choice on The Bachelor. I hope he chooses Tenley but I have a bad feeling he will choose Vienna, ugh.
Hope you had a great Monday!

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  1. Izzy is as cute as she can be! You got some good pictures of the geese. I've been enjoying reading your blogs!



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