Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Week in Review...

Hey Y'all! I took a little blog vacation but I am back! Here is our last week in review. I had some classes to take at Duke called ED Core 2 last week and worked a few days. Bob was on spring break so it was nice to see each other little more. I had a sinus infection, I must officially have the worst immune system ever. I went to the doctor, got some meds and now feel much better. I also finally started taking a multivitamin (I know, I know I should have done it along time ago). I started Weight Watchers last week and went to my weigh in this week and lost 7.8 pounds, wohoo! Over the past week I have turned our kitchen into a weight watchers friendly one. I even found a great blog with WW recipes that are delish! We were able to watch Duke beat UNC Saturday night when we went on our date (love those Blue Devils). These past two days have been gorgeous outside, Izzy and I have loved our walks. I think that is about all that really happened last week! Sorry if I bored you! This is our life :-)

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  1. Whitney,
    WOOHOO! 7.8 lbs in one week is awesome! Just wanted to suggest the Weight Watchers cookbooks to you... I have started cooking from those cookbooks for Chris because he's doing WW, and the food is absolutely delicious!

    Have a great rest of your day!

    --Jessica Story



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