Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring....

Today is the 1st day Spring. I love spring because...
    • Great weather, I love the feeling of warm sunshine of my face. I miss living close to the coast it is perfect beach weather!
    • The blooming flowers and plants. I can not wait till we move in a month and I can plant some planters! I love the beauty of the Lord's creation!
    • People seem happier. The dreariness of winter leaves and people seem to perk up.
    • Easter which is even better than Christmas when we celebrate the beautiful gift of salvation.
    • Our Anniversary is this spring, I can not believe it has been almost a year!
    • Spring cleaning or in our case spring packing we are moving in a month.
    • We get to travel to see our family in Georgia.
    • Grilling out, I love it when we grill.
    • Letting the windows down in the car while driving down the road. (It is finally not too cold!)
    • An abundance of bright colors, I love cheerfulness of spring wardrobes.
    Sadly on this 1st day of spring we will both be working. I hope you all enjoy this weekend and the first day of spring!

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